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Teaching, Learning, and Pedagogy Readings: Summer Reading 2021

Summer Reading 2021 Selection

Part 1 of Deconstructing Privilege edited by Kim Case. 

We invite participants to read any or all of the chapters in this section: 

  • Chapter 2 Pedagogy for the Privileged: Addressing Inequality and Injustice without Shame or Blame 
  • Chapter 3 Deconstructing Privilege: When Students Resist
  • Chapter 4 Teaching Social Justice Ally Development Among Privileged Students
  • Chapter 5 Colorblindess is the New Racism: Raising Awareness about Privilege Using Color Insight 

As you read, we welcome your thoughts, questions, insights and comments on the TTLC (Teaching Technology Learning Community) D2L page -- look for a discussion thread under "Teach Talk - Pedagogy"

We will also host an in-person discussion in mid-September to discuss the reading, date and time TBD. 

eBook copy of this book from the library 

Book Discussion Guidelines

Guidelines for fostering constructive conversation: 

  • Listen when others are speaking 
  • Leave space in the conversation for everyone to participate  
  • Respect others opinions and point of views 
  • Agree to employ "ELMO" if necessary: Everyone Let's Move On 
  • Keep the book at the center of the conversation