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Racism in Healthcare : Racism in Healthcare Event Guide


Event Details

Join us for a Panel Discussion on Racism in Healthcare on March 31st at 1:30pm

Moderator Jose-Anne Carrington, U3 Medical Laboratory Science Major, and Panel Members Dr. Jessica Sautter and Dr. Michelle Ramirez will guide attendeees through these topics: 

  • WHAT does current research show us about racial disparities in healthcare today? (Dr. Sautter) 
  • WHY do racial disparities in healthcare exist and WHY have they persisted for so long? (Dr. Ramirez)
  • HOW can we be involved in working to change the status quo and advocating for positive change? (Discussion Moderated by Jose-Anne Carrington) 

Supplemental Resources

Racial Disparities in Maternal and Infant Health

Discussion Questions

Questions for Post-Event Discussion and Reflection: 

1. How and in what ways does racism exist in healthcare? 

2. How and in what ways does racism cause harm in healthcare? 

3. What can be done to remove bias, both explicit and implicit, in the healthcare system? 

4. How can we work to lessen or eliminate our own biases? 

5. What can you do to advance equity in healthcare?