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"The Medicine in Marijuana" Discussion Guide and Supplementary Resources

Discussion Questions

1. Why do medical practitioners suggest that patients "start low and go slow"? 

2. Did anything in the film "The Medicine in Marijuana" surprise you? 

3. What are some of the limitations or drawbacks of marijuana as a medicine? 

4. Describe the challenges practitioners face in "prescribing" medical marijuana to their patients. 

5. In what ways is Medical Marijuana different from prescribed medications? How is it similar? 

6. What message does the film "Reefer Madness" seek to convey about marijuana?  How have societal views of marijuana changed since 1936? 

7. Is society still "mad" for marijuana? How and in what ways? 

8. How do you think the public views marijuana as a medicine? Does that viewpoint vary by demographic? (Age, nationality, religion, gender?) 

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