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Searching Primo

Data Science is an area of study for which research can be conducted across a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. Fortunately, Primo allows for searching comprehensively across the entirety of the library.  

Tips for searching Primo: 

  • Login: Login to your library account using your USciences credentials. Searching while logged enables users to save search queries and search results. Searching while logged in also facilitates interlibrary loan requests. 
  • Keyword Searching: Use only keywords when searching primo. For example, someone interested in climate change analytics would search "climate change analytics
  • Research is a Process: Repeat searches using synonyms for your keywords and try both narrower and broader terms. For example: "global warming analytics" or "climate change mathematical models
  • Filter: Set limits on your search to weed out irrelevant or outdated results and hone in on what you want. For example, set a date-range limit or select a particular format such as "peer-reviewed journals.
  • "Shop": think like a shopper and use the "pin" icon to gather a selection of sources as you would place items in an online shopping cart. Give yourself enough options so that you can go through and select the "best-fit" sources for your search. 

For more on searching Primo, check out our Introduction to Primo video. 

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