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Comics Studies: Library Resources

A resource guide for comics and related media.

Scholarly Articles & Reviews

These databases will help you find criticism for comics, pulp magazines, and graphic novels in the scholarly literature, as well as professional reviews, news reports, and trade publications.

Books about Comics

Collections at Other Local Libraries

Citing Comics in APA

APA Style as currently written does not provide explicit instructions for citing comic books or graphic novels.  However, a general consensus has emerged that comic books should be cited in the manner of journals (with some modification), and graphic novels should be treated like books.  Further information about APA Style can be found on the J.W. England Library website, on our "How to Write a Reference" page.  

Additionally, this guide by Allen Ellis provides further information about citing comic books.  Although it uses MLA Style rather than APA Style as its point of reference, the basic points are still useful.  Of note, credit should be given to both the writer and artist(s), and if specific artistic roles are known, such as penciler and inker, those should be indicated in the citation.  Then, the comic's bibliographic information should be mapped to the format typically used for journals:  the comic book series would be analogous to a journal title, the name of the particular issue would be similar to an article, and volume and issue numbers should be included if known.  It is also important to note the publisher, which is not an element normally present when citing scholarly journals.