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A resource guide for topics in physics.

Physics Search Strategies

We recommend begining with ProQuest Research Library or Access Science (in the e-Resources box, below). If you don't find what you're looking for, move on to the More e-Resources and Other e-Resources boxes. Here are some tips for using all of these tools.


  • ProQuest: Use Advanced Search. Before you proceeding, type physics in one of your search fields, and use the drop-down to limit that field to Subject heading (all) - SU. Then enter your search terms in the other search fields and click "Search".
  • Access SciencePhysics is a top-level topic which includes many subheadings. Go to Advanced Search, choose the Search by Topic tab, and check Physics before entering your terms and clicking the magnifying glass.

More e-Resources

  • Springerlink: Choose the Physics collection from the left sidebar. Enter your search terms at any time. You can further Refine Your Search by making selections on the sidebar. You may want to uncheck Include Preview-Only content.
  • ScienceDirect: Use Advanced Search. Before proceeding, choose Subscribed sources under Source and Physics and Astronomy under SubjectThen enter your search terms in the other search fields and click Search.
  • EBSCOhost & Wiley: These sources don't offer as much as the others, but they do contain papers on applied physics in industry and medicine. To search, use the same strategy outlined above for ProQuest. Consider limiting results to full-text, peer-reviewed, academic journals (when these options are present).

Citing Your Sources: Includes resources to help you cite your work in the American Institue of Physics (AIP) style.

Other e-Resources: Includes websites of scholarly and professional societies with content and collections related to physics. Some content may not be free of charge, e.g., some research papers may be citation only (not full-text).

e-Resources (available through library subscriptions)

More e-Resources (available through library subscriptions)

Citing Your Sources

Other e-Resources (available free on the Internet)

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google’s tool for searching scholarly literature.

  • Just search using the field below. In your search results, look for the Find Full Text at USciences link next to individual results and click it to access full text via our e-resource subscriptions. (The link should only appear next to full text items in our collection.)
  • If you do not see the Find Full Text at USciences link next to an item you would like to read, look beneath the citation for a link that reads All (#) versions. If present, click this link to see all the locations the item is hosted online. In some instances, free access to the item may be available through one of these locations. If not, consider placing a request via ILLiad for the item.

Important Note: Google Scholar's search results are not exhaustive, so do not assume that you have found "everything" on your topic via Scholar. It is just one tool to employ in your searches.

Physics Journals

Among the Physics journals that USciences library receives are these listed below. 
Check Our Journal List/e-Book List for these and other titles (be sure the Journals tab, not e-Books is selected when searching).

American Physical Society titles:

·     Physical Review Letters -- internet

·     Physical Review Online Archive -- internet

·     Physics (now: Journal of Applied Physics) -- print

·     Review of Modern Physics

Other titles:

·    American Journal of Physics -- print+internet

·    Annals of Physics -- internet

·     Brazilian Journal of Physics -- internet

·     Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics -- internet

·    Canadian Journal of Physics -- internet

·    Central European Journal of Physics -- internet

·    Chemical Physics -- internet

·     Chemical Physics Letters-- internet

·    Communication in Mathematical Physics -- internet

·    Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics -- internet

·    Current AppliedPhysics -- internet

·    Fortshritte der Physik / Progress of Physics -- internet

·    Foundations of Physics -- internet

·    Glass Physics and Chemistry -- internet

·    Health Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Biological Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Chemical Physics -- print

·    Journal of Computational Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Contemporary Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics (Formerly: Journal of Engineering Physics. New York) -- internet

·    Journal of Geometry and Physics -- internet

·    Journal of High Energy Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Low Temperature Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Medical Physics -- internet

·    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids -- internet

·    Journal of Statistical Physics -- internet

Need an article from a journal we don't have? We'll get it for you through ILLiad.

Books & e-Books

There are several ways to search for books and e-books:

Featured Books from Our Collection

Click a title/author link to check availability in the library catalog (cataLyst)A status of Not Charged indicates the book is available.

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